Tony Sucipto is Grateful for Results in Jayapura

Tony Sucipto is Grateful for Results in Jayapura

Persib Bandung winger defender, Tony Sucipto, was grateful for a draw drawn from a trip to Persib Jayapura Persib headquarters, Monday (28/08/2017) yesterday.

Because, said Tony, against Roma in the cage opposite not an easy matter.

“The match yesterday that should be grateful for we are far from Bandung, we continue to get one point, it must be if the game there is difficult,” said Tony when met at Mes Persib, Ahmad Yani Street, Tuesday (08/29/2017) afternoon.

Tony also revealed the reason why he is quite proud to offset the dominance of the camp host.

“We are against a team that does have a stable game, both at home and out, and the weather factor is also very influential,” he said.

In the affairs of the weather, Tony said when the game progresses, the hot sun is very draining.

“The hottest (weather), the match afternoon, near the beach again,” said Tony.

Tony said, the key to Persib’s success to withstand a draw against Persipura is the discipline of each player in guarding their respective areas.

“The key of all the players are responsible in their respective positions, not wanting to lose, we train before going there, so the game in Papua is planned in Bandung,” said the former FC Srivijaya player.

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