Matip: We Must Stop Making Mistakes


Matip: We Must Stop Making Mistakes

After Liverpool lost 4-1 against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday night yesterday, Joel Matip requested that his teammates stop making mistakes in the heart of defense

The pressure, because the Reds often anticipate the opponent’s attack with inappropriate. Spurs meet two goals that created in the early minutes that lasted at Wembley due to a mistake by Dejan Lovren and eventually the Croatian players must be replaced.

Even Matip requested that the Merseyside club forget about competing to win the English Premier League title this summer. Where for him the focus of fixing the game to re-achieve positive trends is more important.

“We gave them a chance. They did not seem to play the perfect ball. Instead we just give them a chance. We have to stop this error, “Joel Matip told the media.

“Most of the teams in the stable will be strong. I am a defender and I have to deal with this.

“We have to forget the title race right now, we have to try to get back to our best performances for next week.”

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