Gary Medel Has Great Opportunity To Strengthen Trabzonspor

Gary Medel Has Great Opportunity To Strengthen Trabzonspor
Gary Medel is still uniformed Inter Milan is now starting a great opportunity to strengthen the stronghold of Turkey, Trabzonspor.

The Turkish club, Trabzonspor, is rumored to have an urgent deal with the Inter Milan giants to get Chilean defensive midfielder Gary Medel (29). Muharrem Usta as club president even bravely has claimed that his side have got the blessing from Inter Milan. Expressed for the closing interest of their competitor club.

This one reliable midfielder is not included in the list of plans for Inter Milan coach Luciano Spalletti. He is still not included although Medel is still the best defensive midfielder owned by the Nerazzurri last season.

Gary Medel is a type of player who can precisely read the opponent’s attack well until often avoided. He proved able to do 83 clearances, 40 intercept, and eight blocks to break the game of all teams against Inter. Fans obviously love the greatness of the players.

He had a chance to play in Argentina with Boca Juniors. Although provoked fans, but the deal was canceled before it developed because the transfer price is not according to Inter Milan’s request. Come offer from Turkish club.

Nerazzurri camp is now seen already willing to give up Medel because interested in the offer from Trabzonspor. They now only need to convince Medel to play in Turkey alone. Yes, Medel himself has not expressed his opinion regarding this one chance.

“We have already reached an agreement with them (Inter Milan) about the transfer of Gary Medel. We have also started negotiations with his agent, “Usta explained happily through Sportx.

“Now all the affairs with Inter Milan is finished. If Medel later does not intend, we already have two alternatives, “he concluded.

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