Fierce! Agent Keita Balde Attack Lazio

Fierce! Agent Keita Balde Attack Lazio

Agent Keita Balde, Roberto Calenda is furious with what Lazio president Claudio Lotito has said recently. Lotito had earlier said if Keita refused all the offers that came to him Judi Online.

While the contract Keita in Lazio will end next summer. But until this moment the talk about the contract extension stalled because Keita became the target of many clubs.

Calenda also said if Keita is actually not rejecting other clubs, but Lazio is no longer want to use the services of the players. This was evident from the absence of Keita from the Lazio squad when winning Supercoppa Italiana. Keita is said to have a muscle problem, but Calenda makes sure it’s not true.

“I deny that if Keita crossed out because of muscle problems. In fact, he always practiced with commitment, preparing for the usual game, “said Calanda.

“The truth is the club never offered Keita an adequate contract extension and they never called Keita to be a core player in this important game of the season.”

“I’m not saying he’s not playing, but he’s never been called at all. It’s very clear that the club does not want to invest in players anymore. Everything is done by the club just to cover up all the facts, “Calanda continued growled.

Currently, Keita ogled by two major European clubs, Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur. But Juventus have a great chance to recruit him because the player once hinted he wanted to join the defending champion. (Source: Italian Footaball)

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