Vieira was offered a job by Saint Etienne

Vieira was offered a job by Saint Etienne

Former Juventus, AC Milan, Arsenal and Inter player Patrick Vieira revealed that he was offered an opportunity to take over the coaching position at Saint Etienne.

The former French midfielder is currently coach of the Major League Soccer club, New York City FC but said he was approached during the summer by the Ligue 1 team.

However, he insists that so far is happy with his club of care that is New York City FC.

“I have contact with Etienne,” Vieira said during an interview with the media.

“They are looking for a new coach and had communication with me. I do not want to leave New York City FC, but on the other hand I really appreciate the offer. ”

“Plus I also have a good relationship with the director of Saint Etienne.”

Saint Etienne finally chose to appoint Oscar Garcia as their new boss.

Alves: Neymar Asks me to join PSG

Alves: Neymar Asks me to join PSG

Dani Alves stated Neymar told him last month to immediately join PSG because Neymar is also considering to arrive there Situs Poker Online.

The defender, released by Juventus after last season’s final expires will join Manchester City until he signed with PSG on 12 July.

It was exactly five days before the first report emerged that Neymar also wanted to arrive in Paris from Barcelona, ​​but Alves said if his compatriot had told him long ago.

“I talked to him about the possibilities,” Alves said after helping PSG win the Ligue 1 opener.

“He recommended me to come here. He signaled that he would join the club.

“I told him if I wanted to leave Juventus, and he thought to come here.”

Although he continued to argue, Neymar remained silent during this transfer window and said last Friday that he did not think whether he will pull or not right before the deal is over.

Alves dived his debut game with PSG in a 2-0 win over Amiens, but Neymar did not show his nose at all.

“There is anticipation because of the football he played and he will show it to the world,” said Alves, who previously won La Liga, Champions League and Club World Cup with Neymar in Barcelona.

“You take a big step when you have a player with a high level. The quality of this team will increase considerably from before. ”

Transfer value of Neymar is double the value of the previous transfer, 222 million euros, and the superstar will receive an income of 30 million euros per year after tax.

Meanwhile, one source said that PSG offered twice the salary Alves as submitted by Man City, but the 35-year-old said pay was not their primary concern.

“We moved not because of money,” Alves insisted.

“Some people leave the comfort zone, and we are Brazilians. People from Brazil do that. “