League 1: Sriwijaya FC Telan losing streak

League 1: Sriwijaya FC Telan losing streak

The fall of Sriwijaya FC continues. After humiliated Persib Bandung 1-4, Laskar Wong Kito back to his knees on a visit to Barito Putera headquarters.

Sriwijaya gave up 0-2 at the match at the 17 May Stadium, Banjarmasin, Sunday (10/09/2017).

Hansamu Yama Pranata started the visitors’ disaster in the 18th minute. Indonesia U-22 national team captain Matias Cordoba pass the bait to record the name on the scoreboard.

Srivijaya incident complete ahead of the end of the first round. This time it was Douglas Packer’s turn to score a goal to maximize Willian Lira’s assist.

This is the third defeat of Sriwijaya in the last four League 1 games. They stuck in 12th place standings with 28 points.

Instead, Barito overtook Borneo FC, Persib, and Mitra Kukar to rank eighth. They have 34 points from 23 matches.

Composition of Players:

Barito Putra: Harlan, Arisandi, Evans, Pranata, Nurzaidin, Packer (Sitanggang 77), Cordoba, Ripora (Adsit 75), Musafri, Abdulkak, Lira (Laly 87)

Sriwijaya FC: Firmansyah (Alam 57), Permana, Fakdawer, Faris, Merauje, Belaid, Yoo, Iskandar, Cingi (Hidayat 79), Hilton (Nabar 70), Beto

Tony Sucipto is Grateful for Results in Jayapura

Tony Sucipto is Grateful for Results in Jayapura

Persib Bandung winger defender, Tony Sucipto, was grateful for a draw drawn from a trip to Persib Jayapura Persib headquarters, Monday (28/08/2017) yesterday.

Because, said Tony, against Roma in the cage opposite not an easy matter.

“The match yesterday that should be grateful for we are far from Bandung, we continue to get one point, it must be if the game there is difficult,” said Tony when met at Mes Persib, Ahmad Yani Street, Tuesday (08/29/2017) afternoon.

Tony also revealed the reason why he is quite proud to offset the dominance of the camp host.

“We are against a team that does have a stable game, both at home and out, and the weather factor is also very influential,” he said.

In the affairs of the weather, Tony said when the game progresses, the hot sun is very draining.

“The hottest (weather), the match afternoon, near the beach again,” said Tony.

Tony said, the key to Persib’s success to withstand a draw against Persipura is the discipline of each player in guarding their respective areas.

“The key of all the players are responsible in their respective positions, not wanting to lose, we train before going there, so the game in Papua is planned in Bandung,” said the former FC Srivijaya player.

Aji Santoso Understand Disappointment and Commentary on Aremania Resignation Demand

Aji Santoso Understand Disappointment and Commentary on Aremania Resignation Demand

Insistence retreat from Aremania to coach Aji Santoso peaked when Arema FC drew 0-0 at FC Borneo Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, Sunday (30/07/2017) Sbobet Casino.

However, Aji called the claim unwarranted.

“We played well in the final minutes too many chances. I understand the anger of fans. It’s just one, we could not score,” said the former coach of U-23’s after the game.

“It’s not unreasonable to play a good game of blame, the kids play well and there’s no problem,” said the 47-year-old.

In the game, Arema FC is enough to dominate the game.

The attack that was built into the Borneo FC defense continues to flow profusely.

Only, they are less fortunate so no one goal nestled into the goal team nicknamed Pesut Etam it.

“The opportunity many times created, there was Esteban Gonzales and goalkeeper Hendro contact with the foot, there is nothing wrong. All players played unbelievable,” he said.

On the one hand, Aremania demanded his favorite team to be consistent.

A draw against FC Borneo Pusamania considered a failure because in the previous two games they have lost, namely when they host Persipura Jayapura and lost to host Semen Padang.

One point from the match counter Borneo FC it makes Arema FC must be satisfied in the seventh league standings at the end of the first round by reaching 26 points.