Agent: Conti Will Go Back Playing January

Agent: Conti Will Go Back Playing January

Agent of Andrea Conti made a statement that explains if his client can re-appear in the AC Milan squad early next year.

The player who also joined the squad of the Italian national team came into the Rossoneri squad this summer, but he suffered a knee ligament injury last month.

“Psychologically he is very strong and we know this is the risk of a job as a footballer,” Mario Giuffredi told the local media crew.

“There was a concern, where when you do a lot of things to get to a big club, but in a short time you have to stop because of one incident.”

“I am sure he will come back stronger than ever and return to play earlier than expected.”

“We’ll see him on the field at the end of January or maybe mid-February.”

“The goal is to go to the World Cup. I’m sure with this goal he will get excited again. “

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